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  1. Avoid Falling In Love with Ideas

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    A Whack on the Side of the Head by Roger von Oech, is a book on creative thinking. It is a best seller on the subject and it also happens to be my latest read.

    I’m trapping the passage below for reference as it really resonated with me. It’s something I’m guilty of a lot. I find I get too attached to one solution and fail to explore other ideas.

    “If you want to be successful, don’t fall in love with a particular type style, because if you do, you’ll want to use it everywhere — even in places where it’s inappropriate.”

    “This also applies to ideas. I’ve seen people fall in love with a certain approach, and then become unable to see the merits of alternative approaches.”

    —Roger Von Oech

  2. Design as Art

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    Design as Art by Bruno Munari

    I’ve just picked up Design as Art by Bruno Munari. I’m only 50 pages in but it’s turning out to be quite a read. Here’s my favourite piece so far:

    A designer with a personal style, arrived at a priori, is a contradiction in terms. There is no such thing as a personal style in a designer’s work.

    While a job is in hand, be it a lamp, a radio set, an electrical gadget or an experimental object, his sole concern is to arrive at the solution suggested by the thing itself and its destined use.

    Therefore different things will have different forms, and these will be determined by their different uses and the different material and techniques employed.

    —Bruno Munari

  3. Inspiration: The Ford logo that never was

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    Here is a great pictoral look at the evolution of the Ford logo.

    While digging around I came across my favourite Ford logo of the lot.

    This logo went unused by Ford. Apparently it was too radical a switch. A damn shame. This would look great even today.

    You can check out Rand’s extensive portfolio over at Paul-Rand.com. Inspiring stuff.

  4. A response to a responsive talk, Fronteers 2010

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    Last week I attended Fronteers in Amsterdam. A web confernece focused on web design and front-end development. It was an excellent conference, chock-full of CSS3 & HTML5. I left with my head buzzing, excited about working on the web.

    The highlight for me was Stephen Hay’s talk on Real World Responsive Web Design. A topic that has really sparked my interest in Web–Layout again.

    Some key points from Stephen’s talk:

    1. Don’t think about Desktop first and then mobile.
    2. Think mobile first and progressivly enhance the site to desktop.
    3. Include do not remove.
    4. Work from the content out. Do not think about the visual layer initially.
    5. Think agnostically about the content.
    6. Layout != Design.
    7. Adaptive layout is responsive design.
    8. Embrace uncertainty. Use Fluid Grids. Not several fixed grids.
    9. Fluid grids = Less media queries.

    This was also my introduction to Stephen. I found him to be an extremely engaging & smart speaker.

    Sidenote: Here are his thoughts on “The Fold” — I love this quote.

    “I don’t like to turn the pages of a book, but that’s how it works.”

    — Stephen Hay

    Spot-on. And a great way (as Stephen pointed out) to explain to clients “There is no fold”.

    The videos of the talks from Fronteers are being released daily. If you are interested in layout keep an eye out for this one. In the mean time check out the slides.

  5. Making Ideas Happen

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    Making Ideas Happen

    How do we take the brilliant ideas that we come up with on a daily basis and see them through to completed projects?

    That’s exactly what the book Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky (the founder of Behance) aims to teach us.