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  1. Freelance Web Design Take-Two

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    Big news: My time at Muzu is to end. I’m returning to Freelance.

    I say returning but my first stint lasted a week. Back then I was determined to give it a go but a job offer landed in my lap which I felt I could not turn down. It’s not everyday you get the chance to be part of a full site overhaul. So I took the job — which has now come to an end.

    So I’m back where I was last May but a little wiser and financially better off. I’m determined again to give Freelancing all I’ve got. Excited — Yes. Nervous — ABSOLUTELY! But I need to do this. The worst that can happen, I go back working for the man. That’s not that bad.

    I finish full-time at Muzu before Christmas. The reason I’m putting the word out now is I need to get the message out that I am available for work. I design and build websites. I now need to let people know.

    I haven’t got it all figured out yet and that’s exciting. But if you’re looking for a website designer or front-end developer from January onwards drop me an email.

  2. 24 The Web

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    Last weekend I took part in 24 The Web. A competition to build a website for charity in 24 hours.

    The competition set 3 teams against one another. Each team was paired with a charity and tasked with building a rock solid, fully functioning, CMS driven website which would help them achieve their goals.

    Meet Your Charity

    Our Charity was CD’s Helping Hands, a West of Ireland Childrens’ Cancer Charity.

    We met with Jennifer from CD’s Helping Hands who was fantastic and completely open and supportive of any ideas we had.

    During this initial interview it became apparent they had just re-branded. The name CD’s helping Hands had led to some confusion and a new name and logo was needed.

    A big part of this re-brand was the website. And with childhood cancer being such a serious topic we knew from the get-go we had a huge job on our hands.

    The A-Team

    Luckily, I was part of Team A which was made up of some very smart and driven people. Roll call: Amy Grange as project manager, Stephanie Francis as Front-End developer, Ben Arent as IA/UX, Elaine Larkin as Content writer, Anthony Lindsay as Wild Card and Ian Huet as Developer.

    We have lift off

    My responsibility was website design. This meant the bulk of my work was done during the first half of the day.

    Once I had an agreed list of homepage elements and assigned each a priority relative to the website goals. I had enough to begin paper prototyping.

    I quickly skectched a number of layouts and a simple site architecture to present to the team. One around the table feedback session later and I was off to design a website.

    The End Result

    Somehow by the end of 24 hours we had the website together. It was not perfect and everything did not make the final-cut but what we had was a fully functioning website. And one which was a big improvement over the existing one.

    The way the website came together in the last hour was unbelievable. Hats off to the rest of Team A who had to take what I handed over and breathe life in to the flat designs — true Rockstars. Thank you for being so patient while I got the design together.

    Thank you

    I feel very lucky to have been apart of 24 The Web. The experience was both humbling and enlightening. A special thanks to Stewart and Daragh for organising such an event and who stayed up all night blogging, tweeting and conducting food runs.These guys are modern day web heroes.